Friday, February 17, 2012

Preschool Prep DVD's and Your Baby Can Read

I am a big fan of the Preschool Prep DVD's and Your Baby Can Read Program mostly because I feel like it really worked for my son.  It took my son a while to learn to talk.  Well, not really a while but a little longer than most girls start talking.  When my son was about 1 and half years old, I started putting on the Your Baby Can Read DVD's for him when he would eat and I would change it up weekly.  Then I had heard about the Preschool Prep DVD's and I bought those and started putting those on for him in the car when we would go somewhere and I would change those up every week as well.  I wasn't sure at the time if he was really picking up on anything but the moment he started talking we figured out that he knew all of his letters, colors, shapes, numbers and words because of the DVD's.  Once he started talking, we started implementing the books and cards that come with the Your Baby Can Read Program.  At the age of 2 we also got the Sight Words DVD's from Preschool Prep.  By the age of 3 he was reading Level 1 books!  Now I've purchased the Phonics DVD's at a great price of $20.  They have the Preschool Prep DVD's on sale right now.  Click on this link to get the great deal!

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