Monday, May 21, 2012

One Step Ahead Bookcase & Summer Reading

Our local County Libraries are doing a Summer Reading Club.  This is open to children of all ages.  If your child can not read, you can read to them.  The Program starts at the end of May till the end of July.  They have rewards ranging from 5 books get a Bookmark and 20 books get a Trophy.  My 4 year old knows what trophies are, so he is pretty excited to start this reading club and win the Trophy.

Reading Clubs are fun for the children and it keeps them reading during the summer.  Developing a love for reading is very important.  I believe that any child that develops a love for reading should do well when it comes to school and having to read for the different subjects. If your local Library is not doing a summer reading club, then it is very easy for you to do one for your children on your own.  You can create a chart where it shows the different rewards they will get if they read a certain number of books during the summer.  Here is a free printable chart that you can use with your kids this summer.

Reading is a part of our everyday routine and both of our children look forward to reading time.  We bought a bookcase from One Step Ahead that holds plenty of books.  This bookcase of ours is totally full.  Our children love that they can go up to the bookcase and choose their own book on a daily basis.

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