Monday, January 23, 2012

Creamy Pesto Chicken Pasta

Last week I decided to experiment a little for our dinner.  A friend of mine had made a creamy pesto pasta sauce and she told me that it's really easy to make, so I decided to do it on a night where I didn't have much time to make dinner.  There is a packet in the seasonings aisle of H-E-B by Knorr and it's called Creamy Pesto Sauce. It was very easy to make. All you need is Low-fat milk and Olive Oil.  I also added in minced garlic, minced serrano peppers, sliced mushrooms and sliced serrano peppers. We eat spicy food, so I took out some sauce for the kids before adding all the extras.  Then we got Boneless Chicken Breast that was marinated in Lemon and Herbs from H-E-B and put it all together with Bowtie Pasta. It was a Hit! Everyone loved their dinner.

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  1. I need quick meal ideas, will have to try this