Monday, April 2, 2012

LeapFrog Fridge Words Magnetic Word Builder

I first read about this word builder on a blog that I can not find anymore.  They had good things to say about it for their child that was learning how to spell.  My son is learning how to spell right now, so I thought that I would buy it and write a review for you.

The things that I like about this Word Builder is that you can have your child work with the word builder on his/her own, because they have a Word Builder and Word Hunt mode where the lady asks you to spell some words and the child has to find the correct letters and spell it out, once your child has put in the correct letters the word builder will sound out the word...which helps the child learn the sounds of letters and how it integrates with spelling the words. That feature is something I LOVE because my son knows his letter and his sounds but he is having a hard time putting the sounds together in order to form a word.  Then I also think of other 3 letter words for my son to spell on his own.  I also show him different three letter words and how they are spelled and then I will ask him to spell them on his own.

I will look up some spelling word lists for you to work with your child! This is a definite MUST HAVE!

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