Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Mommy Advice....Part 1

I feel like from day one the hardest part of being a mom/parent are the sleepless nights....One advice that I can give new parents that I never followed myself is to make sure and put your baby down to sleep or nap while they are drowsy.....the baby needs to learn how to fall asleep on their own.

I always rocked both of my children to sleep and I still rock my 15 month old to sleep....but I so envy the parents that put their child in his/her crib when it's nap time or bedtime and the child falls asleep  on their own.  My 15 month old does it for bedtime but we're having trouble with nap time because we didn't have him sleep in his own crib from day one.  We weren't consistent with it and being consistent with children about anything and everything is KEY.

When you have your newborn sleep in his or her own crib on their own from day 1 and put them down while they're drowsy from day 1, it'll be the best thing that you can do for you and your child.  You are teaching your child independence and teaching them how to sleep on their own without needing anything or anyone.  It's harder to teach a child how to sleep on their own when they get older.  The older they get, the more they are able to throw tantrums, the more likelihood of them crying and crying because all they want is their mommy or daddy.

I had a hard time with both of my children in both of these aspects of sleep.  I am almost over the hurdle but I still need to get him to nap in his crib by himself without us rocking him.  We as parents get our children used to something that we don't want him/her to be doing, so it's best if we get them used to the right way....I know how hard it is to not want to rock your baby to sleep....they're soo sweet and precious when they are newborns and all you want to do is hold them, but it'll be better on you and your child if you do it the right way from the beginning. Our Pediatrician always told us how to do it as well, but for some reason I just thought that it was easier for me at the time to rock him.

Good Luck new parents!

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