Friday, May 4, 2012

The busy, busy lives we live!

Every day seems to be a busy day full of things that need to be done.  From the moment we wake up, we are thinking about what we need to do today.  From dropping off the kids, getting to work, meetings, making sure all of the kids activities are done, grocery shopping, dinner, etc.  There is always something or another that is going on.  There are family things, business things, and social things that are happening on a daily basis.

In the midst of all of this daily chaos, there are times that we forget to take care of something important or an errand that we were supposed to run and forgot about, etc.....
Yesterday, there was a father in Sugar Land that dropped off his two older kids at an elementary school and went to a conference and got home at 5:30pm, when his wife asked him about their 7 month old baby.  That is when he relized that he had taken the 7 month old baby with him and forgot the baby in the car the entire day and sadly to say, the baby had died. 

38 children die every year from being left alone in a car.  The government reports that in 52% of the cases, the child was simply forgottten.
I once saw a story about this on the Oprah Show and the person that forgot her child in the car was a Prinicipal of a school.  I do not know the details in the case of the Sugar Land man yesterday, but sometimes it happens to people that end up taking their child to drop him or her off at a daycare and it is not their normal routine.  In the case of the Principal, it was not her normal routine that morning to drop off the once she left home she started thinking about what all she needed to do that day and in turn forgot the baby.

Child Safety experts have tips to prevent this from happening:
1) Put something that you must have with you, such as a purse or briefcase, in the backseat next to the child that forces you to check the backseat.
2) Put a stuffed animal in the front seat as a reminder that your child is in the backseat.
This is such a sad story that we need to stop and think about the busy world we live in.

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